hospitals and medical centers in davis

Hospitals & Medical Centers in Davis

Healthcare in Davis

Hospitals and medical centers in Davis form the backbone of the local healthcare system. Major hospitals and medical centers serve the community with advanced medical care. These institutions offer a wide range of services, from emergency care to specialized treatments. They play a crucial role in maintaining the health and safety of Davis residents.

Role of Hospitals and Medical Centers

Hospitals and medical centers are vital for public health. They provide acute care, manage chronic diseases, and offer preventive services. In Davis, these facilities ensure that residents have access to high-quality medical care, regardless of their health needs.

List of Hospitals & Medical Centers in Davis, CA

1. Sutter Davis Hospital

Sutter Davis Hospital is a state-of-the-art facility offering comprehensive healthcare services. Specialties include emergency medicine, maternity care, and surgery.

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2. UC Davis Medical Center

UC Davis Medical Center is a world-renowned teaching hospital. It features advanced medical research, specialized surgeries, and a robust emergency department.

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3. Dignity Health Mercy Medical Group

Mercy Medical Group provides a wide range of outpatient services. This includes family medicine, pediatrics, and specialist consultations.

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4. Woodland Memorial Hospital

Located nearby, Woodland Memorial Hospital offers inpatient and outpatient services. Key areas include cardiology, orthopedics, and women’s health.

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5. Kaiser Permanente Davis Medical Office

Kaiser Permanente provides integrated healthcare services. It includes routine care, specialty consultations, and wellness programs.

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6. Sutter Walk-In Care

Sutter Walk-In Care offers convenient healthcare services for non-emergency conditions. Located in Davis, it’s ideal for minor illnesses and injuries.

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7. CommuniCare Health Centers

CommuniCare provides affordable healthcare services. Focus areas include primary care, dental services, and behavioral health.

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8. Davis Community Clinic

Part of CommuniCare, Davis Community Clinic offers comprehensive primary care services. It serves all demographics, ensuring community health.

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9. Davis Urgent Care

Davis Urgent Care provides immediate care for non-life-threatening conditions. Services range from injury treatment to illness management.

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10. Shriners Hospitals for Children – Northern California

Shriners specializes in pediatric care. It offers specialized treatments for children, including orthopedics and burn care.

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Accessing Healthcare Services in Davis

Finding the Right Facility

To choose the right hospital or medical center, consider your healthcare needs. Research facilities, read reviews, and consult with primary care providers for recommendations.

Emergency Services

In an emergency, always dial 911. For immediate care, visit the nearest emergency room. Know the locations of ERs, urgent care centers, and walk-in clinics in Davis.

Preparing for a Hospital Visit in Davis, CA

Pre-Visit Checklist

  • Documents: Bring identification, insurance cards, and medical records.
  • Medication: List all medications and dosages.
  • Questions: Prepare questions for your healthcare provider.

What to Expect

During your visit, you will meet healthcare professionals who will guide you through your treatment plan. Expect to provide personal and medical history and undergo diagnostic tests if necessary.


The healthcare system in Davis, CA, offers a range of services through its hospitals and medical centers. Whether you need emergency care, specialized treatment, or preventive services, Davis has the facilities to meet your needs.

Explore these institutions to find the right care for you and your family. Stay informed, prepared, and proactive about your healthcare choices.